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Patricia Theobald Payne

As a young child I imprinted on my mother’s natural artistic abilities. Though uneducated in the arts, she entertained me with her drawings, sewed clothes for my dolls and me, created a warm home, and shared her appreciation of beautiful things. Art supplies were always plentiful, and when my older brother came home from high school with art projects he had made, I wanted to be an artist too. Early on, I discovered I could draw anything I could look at, and I never stopped.

My education was not as direct toward a fine art career. I did study art with some wonderful art teachers, Pam Johnson, John Hamilton, and Bob Ridley at Sierra College. They made a great impression upon me. Once I got to San Francisco State University, I chose a degree in Design and Industry and studied applied arts, design, architecture, interior design, and technical writing. It seemed a more assured road to make a living. I have designed commercial and residential spaces, and even a garden or two. I gain the same gratification from designing a great room as I get from finishing a good painting. My children will tell you the first thing I do when I check into a hotel room is to rearrange the furniture.

As time and life moved on, I found my way back into the fine arts and gained more skill and experience, again with wonderful teachers and other artists.  Eventually, printmaking pulled me in, combining the technical and artistic skill set. I am a hardworking artist and learn by doing something repeatedly until I master it.

Patricia Theobald Payne

Printmakers have to be determined, because so many things can go wrong in the process. It isn’t for everyone. While printmaking is my primary focus, I still follow my artistic muse into other fields. Photography is one of my interests, especially while traveling.  I regularly keep a sketchbook, and learning to make anything new with my hands is a joy.

I am driven to manipulate color, texture, line and form to create something visual, with some kind of emotional impact.  Whether I am telling a story with a print, drawing in my sketchbook, painting a landscape, photographing light on a face, or choosing plantings for a garden, it is all much the same.  The materials differ, but the creative process of selecting, editing and combining elements for an end result is my goal as an artist.

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